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Vertical Sunbed (TanCan)
9 minutes only, complete with stereo speakers,
advanced cooling system, etc.
1 Session:R25
5 Sessions:R125
10 Sessions:R225
15 Sessions:R325
*1 Session = 15min total

Koebana Spray Tan (Portable)
Sunless tanning in the comfort of your own home.
Safe, sensational, beautiful sunkissed skin!
1 Session:R200
5 Sessions:R950
10 Sessions:R1900
*1 Session = 30min. Lasts for 7-10 days

Glykopeels (Filorga)
Glycolic facial peel specially indicated for:
  • Anti aging, depigmentation, rejuvenation, hydration
  • Treating acne and scarring, improves wrinkles & fine lines
  • Smoothes rough skin texture & remove skin irregularities
  • Deep cleansing & decrease enlarged pores
  • Radiance & stimulation of collagen & elastin
1 Session (20%):R440
5 Sessions (20%):R2000

1 Session (50%):R540
5 Sessions (50%):R2500
*1 Session = 40min, 1-2 times a month

Specialized Facials (Filorga)
Treatment for the face for various conditions:
  • Anti aging & Depigmenting
  • Lifting & Firming
  • Regeneration & Rejuvenation
  • Moisturize & Hydrate
  • Deep cleansing & Smoothing
Regenerating Facial:R350
Moisturising Facial:R350
Firming Facial:R350
Glykopeel Facial (20%):R550
Glykopeel Facial (50%):R650
*Facial(only) = 1hr, 1-2 times a month
*Facial + Glykopeel = 1.5hrs, 1-2 times a month

For Any occasion!!!
Matron of Honor:R330
Matric Farewell:R300
*All trial makeups are included

Ozone Sauna (Portable)
Treats and helps prevent:
  • Cancer, allergies, heart problems, infections, sinusitis, asthma
  • Acne, eczema, psoriasis, diabetes, influenza, osteoporosis, migraines
  • Varicose veins, stress, toxic build up, cellulite and weight problems
1 Session:R120
10 Sessions:R1000
15 Sessions:R1500
*1 Session = 30min, 2-3 times a week

Eyebrow shape:R40
Eyebrow tint:R30
Eyelash tint:R40
Eye package:R100
* Eye package includes Eyebrow shape, Eyebrow tint and Eyelash tint

Spoil your little Princess and her friends on a special occasion to:
  • Mini-Facial (suited for young girls)
  • Mini-Manicure (suited for young girls)
  • Includes a pretty cupcake and lots of fun!
Cost per girl:R100